Setting up a Malta company is a quick and easy process. The setting up of Malta companies is a straight forward procedure which normally takes less than a week. Both individuals and bodies corporate can be the directors and shareholders of Malta companies.

Malta companies are taxed at 35% on their net profits. However, upon a distribution of dividends from a Malta company, a refund of tax paid by the Malta company becomes available at shareholder level depending on the activity of the company. This system of taxation applies to all tax subjects whether local or foreign. Malta’s tax regime has been approved by the institutions of the European Union.

The amount of Malta tax refunds is set at 6/7th of the Malta tax paid by the Malta company. Thus the Malta company would be subject to taxation at 35%, but shareholders would be entitled to claim back 6/7 of this tax back. In such a scenario, the effective tax liability is of 5% [6/7 * 35 = 5]. E.g. If gross profits amount to Euro 100,000, the company would pay Euro 35,000 in tax, but the shareholder would typically be entitled to claim back Euro 30,000 in tax refunds. Certain conditions and exceptions apply.

If you are looking at setting up business in Malta, we can offer you advice on how to go about such a strategic decision. We will help you identify the right location and the best suitable office premises and will also help you finish the office space to the highest specifications. Together with our legal and financial associates we can offer you full advisory services on legal and taxation matters and on other related matters.

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