High Net Worth Residence Programme

The High Net Worth Individual Residency Programme grants its holders the right to pay tax at a beneficial rate of 15% on foreign income with the possibility to claim double taxation relief, subject to a minimum payment.

Available to EU and EEA states nationals, applicants are required to have a permanent address in Malta by either purchasing a property for a value of not less than €400,000, or renting for not less than €20,000 per annum. This property must serve as the applicant’s habitual residence, and that of any accompanying family members.

Applicants must be economically self-sufficient and both the applicant and any dependants must hold adequate health insurance covering the EU territory. The individual must satisfy a “fit and proper test” in order to be granted a permit under this scheme.

The permit holder is given special tax status carrying the right to pay tax at a beneficial rate of 15% on foreign source income received in Malta together with the possibility of claiming double taxation relief. This is subject to a minimum yearly tax of €20,000 and €2,500 per accompanying dependant after claiming any applicable double tax relief.

Other chargeable income of the beneficiary (and that of his or her spouse) that is not taxed at the special rate of 15% will be taxed at 35%. A beneficiary of this scheme and his or her spouse cannot opt for a separate tax computation. Permit holders are also allowed to carry on an economic activity in Malta.

HNWI carries no minimum period stay in Malta requirements, however one cannot stay in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days in a calendar year.