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Why Malta?

What is that makes Malta such popular destination for buying or renting a property amongst foreign nationals? Why are foreigners becoming residents in Malta, opting for one of the attractive residency programmes that the island offers? Others even go further and take up the attractive citizenship by investment programme, making them full Malta citizens.

For a country half the size of London, Malta packs a mighty punch. It has archaeological sites older than the Pyramids, the Parthenon and even Stonehenge. The capital Valletta was once known to the ruling houses of Europe as ‘Superbissima’ – meaning ‘’most proud’’. Benjamin Disraeli named it ‘’a city of palaces built by gentlemen for gentlemen’gentlemen’. Unesco UNESCO has put this marvellously well-preserved 16th century walled city on its elite list of World Heritage Sites, with its 320 monuments, palazzos and fortifications. It is also the European Capital of Culture for 2018.

The Maltese islands are quietly prospering and steadily attracting foreign nationals. Many European states must be envious of Malta, where property prices have not only consistently- withstood international recessions and crises, but have ensured a gradual and steady appreciation.

With Iits inducing delightful lifestyle, Mediterranean climate, and attractive incentives, Malta is surely a favourite spot to buy a holiday home, invest in property or relocate to. At Frank Salt Real Estate, we can help you buy or rent your dream property in Malta wisely and with full peace of mind.

We can also guide you on what Malta residence programmes are more favourable to your needs, and offer you as comprehensive a service as possible.

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